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I recently completed a project for a couple that shared an obvious, yet overlooked result of having a remodeled kitchen:  They are now living a healthier lifestyle.

This couple is like many of my clients, their children have moved out and they can afford to eat out at their leisure.  They appreciate good food and wine.  They also enjoy socializing.  Their kitchen is outdated or not functioning as they would like for it to.

Once the project is completed, there is often a renewed interest in cooking because the homeowner now has better tools for the craft.  They are also excited to involve their friends in family in their rediscovered ability.

How is this healthier?  The homeowner is now in control of what they eat.  A lot of restaurant food tastes as great as it does because it is loaded with salt, sugar, grease and butter.  Those eating at home are likely to serve themselves smaller portions than those receiving portions at a restaurant.

Cooking is fun and can be a social event including family and friends.  I am happy to observe yet another benefit of remodeled kitchens is taking control of one’s diet.

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