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When a prospective client walks into one of our showrooms, they are often on a self assigned mission to learn about the kitchen and bath design business. Sometimes these prospects are visiting various firms hoping to be inspired by displays that they might see. Sometimes they are hoping to learn as much as they can about the business to increase their comfort level. Whatever the case may be, they often arrive unprepared to answer key questions about their project.

I always tell clients that they do not need to become an expert in the industry. We are there to help guide them through the intricacies of the design, selection process and installation of what will enhance the quality of their life and increase the value of their home.

There is, however, some information that homeowners can share which will allow professionals to design a space that specifically suits their taste and needs. Clients who begin their project with some general objectives give the design professional a great start on ideas.

If you are remodeling and you are at a loss for how to convey your needs, start by asking yourself a question: “Why do I want to remodel my kitchen (or bath, bar, laundry room, library, etc.)”?

The answers vary, but most people express dissatisfaction with the appearance of the room. Close to the same number of people, dislike the layout or functionality of their current space.

Sometimes, an entire remodel is initiated because the homeowner has a strong desire to upgrade a key component in the space. An example of this would be the desire to get new countertops or a built-in refrigerator or a professional style range.

Introducing one or some of these new, up-to-date elements will only make the rest of the components appear antiquated and worn. After further consideration, it is found sensible to bring all of the components of the space up to date. In nearly all cases, it would be advised.

If building new, share the things that you envision being able to perform in the space. Some people will use past and present situations to explain the things that they desire and the things that they want to avoid.

In remodel and new construction scenarios, pictures always help the design professional obtain a better understanding of the overall look and feel that you want to achieve in the space. The designer will not copy the image, but will get an idea of the elements that need to be included to capture the theme.

If you are searching for more information to share with a designer, think about how you and your family work, live and entertain in the space:

  • How many people work in the kitchen at one time?
  • Do you want to be able to seat people in the kitchen?
  • Does the family start their day in the kitchen?
  • Is the kitchen used for entertaining?
  • How can I best explain my morning routine? (kitchen or bath)

A good designer should be able to extract this type of information (and more) to obtain a clear understanding of your vision. Most homeowners find it beneficial and comfortable to have a good jump start.



Classic Kitchens of Virginia specializes in the design and installation of complete kitchens, baths, bars, casework and architectural millwork for all areas of the home. Our designers work in partnership with our clients to create areas specifically suited to their tastes and needs. By providing all of the necessary components for a complete project, and by giving our clients a single point of accountability, we eliminate the frustration many expect when considering a renovation project. Our systematic approach to installation makes the construction process easier to manage and more comfortable for the homeowner.

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