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I just returned from Madison, WI, where I was invited to Sub-Zero and Wolf.  The purpose of the trip was to learn about new products, tour their plants and participate in product demonstrations.  There were several topics that caught my attention that I feel is worth sharing.

Sub-Zero is a company that is committed to food preservation.  In addition to looking great, their product actually does keep food fresher, for a longer period of time.  They are able to lock humidity in the refrigerator, which keeps moisture in food and produce.  They even go as far as scrubbing the air in the refrigerator to remove ethylene gas which can cause produce to decompose prematurely.

Sub-Zero/Wolf is committed to creating a product that is well built and will provide the homeowner with a pleasurable experience.  The units are designed to last 20 years or more.  They rigorously test their products before shipment to ensure that the unit is operating properly before it is installed in the user’s home.  They also have a customer service department that can be reached 24/7, located in Madison, WI.  I was pleased to hear that 70% of the unit issues were resolved by calling their customer service center.  They also have a great warranty that protects the homeowner’s investment in their product.

Wolf’s engineers have enhanced the food experience by making it easier to create great food with their products.  The burners are designed to give the user an expanded temperature range.  That means that one can sear meat or hold sauce at a simmer without scortching the contents.  They have also enhanced convection technology by adding two alternating fans to distribute the heat within the oven cavity, providing even heat.

Overall, I continue to be pleased with both Sub-Zero and Wolf.  They want to build a quality product for all types of food enthusiasts.  They want the user to have a good experience and to enjoy their time with the product.  They have a strong foundation and will continue to be an industry leader for the forseeable future.  These are the reasons that we choose to partner with them.  They help us in our commitment to be the low risk providers of kitchens and other rooms, providing predictable results to our clients.

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