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I am often asked how we differ from other contractors.  The answer is simple.  We are specialists.

There are many types of contractors in the construction industry; commercial contractors, home-builders, remodelers, handyman services.

We work in two ways:  with homeowners directly and for builders and remodelers.

For homebuilders and remodelers, we are a sub-contractor.  We work with their clients to design a space that suits their needs and usually provide and install the cabinets, counter tops and appliances while closely working with the contractor to assist his plumbers and electricians.
Why would a builder or remodeler use us?  They use us because we are a specialized extension of their business.  Kitchens are often times the most important room to the homeowner.

Builders have to know a tremendous amount about construction and if they are good, they have to spend time managing the construction of the house or addition.  They bring us in to provide a functional design and to provide products and a process consistent with the quality that their clients expect from them.

By using us, they also have access to our design center which allows the client to see live examples of kitchens and other rooms.  They also gain access to a company that is working on multiple kitchens, non-stop Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year.  That means that we have knowledge, experience and relationships specific to our specialty.

We also work with homeowners who want to remodel their existing space.  In that scenario, we are the contractor.  Why would a homeowner want to work with us?  Well, for some of the same reasons that the homebuilder or remodeler does.  The good news for our homeowners is that we design and install kitchens continuously.  I always hear horror stories from homeowners who hire a guy who built a front porch and then built a deck for another client and then did an attic infill for another client and then spent several months remodeling a kitchen, much to the homeowner’s chagrin.  As an aside, most kitchens should be completely remodeled in 4-8 weeks.  I have heard of some taking 9 months or more.  That is very bad.
Because we have expansive experience with kitchens, we are able to provide predictable results, thus making us the low risk providers of kitchens.

If a homeowner is working on a project that involves a kitchen, they should do themselves a favor and talk to a company that has the word kitchen in their name.

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